JavaServer TM Faces Release Notes
Change Log

Specification Version: 1.2MR2
Implementation Version: 1.2_13

This release can be deployed to the Google Application Engine (GAE), however there are certain restrictions to doing so.

New context init parameters added for this release:

Paramter Name Description Default Value
com.sun.faces.enableMultiThreadedStartup If true, parts of the Mojarra initialization process will be performed using a small number of threads. By default, this option is enabled. However, if deploying to Google Application Engine, set this configuration option to false. true

Issues Resolved In This Release

ID Summary
977 Remove servlet API dependencies in RI
1106 com.sun.faces.preferXHTML does not work if accept header is *.*
1119 [PATCH] HtmlUtils.writeAttribute(..) ignores escapeIsocode flag
904 h:selectBooleanCheckbox ignores submittedValue
1098 type attribute on h:outputLink gets rendered twice - causes issues with certain browsers
913 SelectManyCheckboxRenderer does not fall back to value if no label
934 Can't get values from nested UIData
935 Translation of Standard Messages
947 Accept header with the number of types being greater than 50 raises exception
1030 mojarra_ext.tld is not valid against XSD
1069 UpdateModelValues Phase does not log exit
1079 Mojarra deployment fails in Google App Engine
1097 Managed property with zero map-entries causes exception
1129 View state hidden field should have 'autocomplete="off"' attribute.
984 Possible optimization of MenuRender.renderOption