Mojarra 2.1

JavaServer TM Faces technology simplifies building user interfaces for JavaServer applications. Developers of various skill levels can quickly build web applications by:

Maven Metadata

Maven 2 Repository for JSF 2.0 and Later

Starting with 2.1.2, Mojarra is now published the Maven Central repository.

The recommend way to use JSF 2.1 with Maven is to develop on a Java EE certified container and declare a <provided> scope dependency on the appropriate version of the JavaEE API jar. Because JSF 2.1 is more recent than Java EE 6, the dependency on it must precede the JavaEE API jar.



If you need to introduce a hard dependency on this particular release of Mojarra, you may use the following metadata.



This release is the first Mojarra release using Oracle’s Java EE Maven and OSGi naming and versioning scheme. For those wishing to use the previous scheme, the metadata can be displayed by mousing over here <dependency>                              <dependency>   <groupId>com.sun.faces</groupId>          <groupId>com.sun.faces</groupId>   <artifactId>jsf‑api</artifactId>          <artifactId>jsf‑impl</artifactId>   <version>2.1.13</version>                  <version>2.1.13</version> </dependency>                             </dependency> .


Documentation for this release consists of the following:

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